The Maggie Regan!


Hello and welcome to Maggie Regan's website.  These pages are still in production but as you have taken the time to look, let's give you something to look at!   Please keep watching because there will be more information added regularly.


As Maggie has been a popular entertainer in the show business industry for many years and has been all over the world, there is a lot to show you! She has been singing on stage since the age of seven and after a recent short illness break of three years is now back on top form and if it could be possible, in better voice than ever! 


As well as her live shows, she is a prolific producer of music on CD and USB, she has her own small studio and has recorded many artistes from the UK and all over Europe. Maggie is also an active supporter of acts who have need of her coaching techniques which include getting singers back to top level after strokes and heart attacks which have restricted their breathing and projection abilities as well as act doctoring for Opera singers who are crossing over to popular music. she also helps those who just need a helpful critical review to improve their show production. 


Until recently Maggie was also passing on her skills to non-professional musicians but due to her busy schedule, has had to put this enjoyable part of her life on hold for the time being. Shows in the UK, Spain, France and Germany mean she is 'On The Road Again' but still keeps up her charity shows.  With music of every genre, Maggie is still pleasing fans of every age and nationality!


On this site you can soon read the amazing (abridged!) story of Maggie's life, and already you can listen to selections from her huge repertoire from Folk to Rock to Country to Jazz and everything in between!. If you would like to hear more of Maggie, go to MUSIC PAGE.